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Laurie Sanders, Relationship Counselor

A person's "heart withers if it does not answer another heart." Pearl S. Buck

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HOLD ME TIGHT Intensive Couples Workshop

Why Attend This Workshop?
1. Afterwards, you will feel closer than perhaps you have ever felt to your partner, and you will feel hopeful that you both will know what to do when that closeness seems jeopardized by conflict or distance.
2. You will spend an entire weekend focused on repairing and strengthening your relationship to begin to heal the pain of past and present hurts.
3. You will do meaningful exercises together as a couple, watch clips of real couples like yourselves and experience the benefit of being part of a safe and supportive group environment with other couples whose shared goal is to strengthen and heal their marriage.
4. This weekend consists of approximately 13 hours of focused time to revitalize your relationship. This educational workshop comes to approximately $45 per hour per couple, which is substantially less than the current rate of couple's therapy.


Before the workshop couples will be asked to read (or listen to) Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.
Conversations from the book will be explained and illustrated through videos and examples. Then couples will be given time to work alone at going through the conversations. There will be 2 therapists available to assist you. After each conversation, there will be a time for sharing with the group, that is optional (for those shy ones).

 For those who need a workshop RIGHT NOW:


Friday,  6-9 pm: Introduction & Conversation 1
Saturday, 9-4 pm: Conversations 2-3
Sunday, 9-1 pm: Conversations 4-5 and wrap-up

Cost: $600 per couple (includes snacks, beverages and a copy of Hold Me Tight)

Where: TBD in or near Auburn, CA

Click here to reserve a place in the workshop through email:

Call Laurie @ (530) 906-0718



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