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Laurie Sanders, Relationship Counselor

A person's "heart withers if it does not answer another heart." Pearl S. Buck

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Book Study for Parents and Parents-To-Be

Charlette Mikulka has written a new book, Peace in the Heart & Home (Copyright 2011). She's a long-time therapist who writes about how to create inner peace as well as how to develop healthy, secure relationships with others.
Anyone can benefit by reading her book, but this group will address the needs of parents and will include information from other sources as well. I will start each group by presenting some information that can help you to be more accepting, understanding, patient, and comforting towards yourself and your child(ren). Then, we will have about 60 minutes to share our difficulties and find support from each other as parents struggling with the challenge of being a "good-enough" parent.

Cost is $20 per week or $70/month if paid a month in advance. The group will go for 10 weeks.