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Laurie Sanders, Relationship Counselor

A person's "heart withers if it does not answer another heart." Pearl S. Buck

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Ever wished you could create a video to give to family members about who you really are and what you believe? A way to pass on your wisdom? Family stories? Advice to follow?

Or have you wished you had a video of a parent of grandparent that you could watch, especially after they're gone, where they talk about their lives?

Or, have you ever wanted to document your child’s growth of personality, behaviors and ideas about life?

Well, now there’s a service to help!

I am a counselor that loves to interview people to find out what makes them tick.  I love finding out about people of all ages, and I’m good at getting people to share many things about themselves that others might not elicit.

Products Offered:

For Videos of Adults:  I provide you with a list of possible questions, you choose which questions you want me to ask, we get together for a one-hour interview, that I videotape and then make into a DVD.You may want to have more than one session or have the interview take more than one hour. Cost is $100 per hour of video.

For Videos of Children: Parents and child choose which questions they'd like me to ask. I interview parent(s) and your child, videotape the interviews, and provide you with a one-hour DVD video that documents one year of your child’s life, from yours and your child’s point of view.This may include photos you temporarily provide for me to include in the video. Cost is $150 per hour of video. No extra charge for travel to your home, or video production time.

Click here to see possible interview questions

My office is at:
701 High Street Suite 228
Auburn, CA 95603

Call or Text: (530) 906-0718

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