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Laurie Sanders, Relationship Counselor

A person's "heart withers if it does not answer another heart." Pearl S. Buck

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January, 2 2012

My New Year's Resolution

So every year about this time I think about what I'm really willing to commit to doing or focusing on in my life. Exercise, diet, time with friends and family, calendaring creative time and fun time--these have been at the top of my list for years, and I suspect many of us have considered some or all of these. But this year, I'm going for another goal, that in a sense includes all the above. My goal is to practice being present in the moment. If I can become more aware of my life, as it is happening, I think I will be a happier person. I just read a book that gives insight on how to do this. It is called Living Like You Mean It, by Ronald J. Frederick, Ph.D. He says that most of us are a bit fearful of our feelings. Rather than check in with ourselves and figure out what it is we are feeling, in the moment, we ignore the feeling, talk ourselves out of the feeling, or cover it up in various ways (eating or drinking too much being 2 of those ways). The idea is that if I pay attention to my feelings, understand them, express them (perhaps with a trusted friend or loving partner), then I will be living in the moment, truly aware of myself and my life. And as I become more and more aware, I will make choices that lead to me following my dreams, my passion, my love. I can become more fully alive just by checking in when an emotion pops up. This idea gives me energy. I'm truly looking forward to this new year!

Click on this link to go to Amazon to order the book: Living-Like-You-Mean It