Why Emotionally Focused Therapy?

Do you feel lonely even though you live with a partner?

Did you at one time feel valued and/or accepted by your partner, but don’t feel that now?

Do you long for closeness, or to feel you are part of a strong team of two?

Have you figured out that you do things that lead to feeling distant from your partner, but you don’t know how to change?

Emotionally Focused Therapy Can Help

Staying happily married is, for most of us, a challenge. School didn’t teach us how. Our parents often got it wrong. Movies tend to show the worst or the best, but not the way successful couples manage to stay together.  

One approach to couples and family therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), has recently been found to be highly effective at helping couples stay together. After 20 sessions, over 75% report that conflicts are shortened and resolved acceptably, and that couples once again feel the closeness and trust that brought them together in the first place.

I have been studying EFT and applying the principles of this approach to my life for twelve years now.  I have found it to be the most effective way of helping couples and family members feel safe, accepted, comforted, valued and understood.  It has also been the most helpful to me in my marriage and my family.  I have two adult children and I’ve been married for 33 years.  As I learn about EFT, I try to apply the concepts to my relationships with my husband, children, siblings, parents and friends.  Instead of being defensive and on-guard, or feeling misunderstood and disconnected in each of my most important relationships, we are enjoying our time together and feeling closely connected.


 Dr. Sue Johnson describes the value of getting EFT

(click on the above link to watch a 24-minute video)


Quotes about EFT from professionals:

One of the few approaches to marital therapy that has been proven to be effective. Jay Lebow, Ph.D. President, Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

EFT is a proven road map to the process of change in couples therapy. John Gottman, Ph.D, bestselling author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

EFT is one of the best documented, most substantive and well researched approaches to couples therapy. Alan S. Gurman, Ph.D.

EFT has achieved an astounding 75 percent success rate. Results are lasting! American Psychological Association.


If You Are Ready to Understand How You and Your Partner Get Caught In a Negative Feedback Loop

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